I realized I haven't updated this in forever... I guess since I am planning a wedding in real life and arrange details for them professionally, and writing blogs about all this is part of my job, I should REALLY be better at it! 

I have been texting my MOH Amber (B)ack and forth (haha... punny) ALL DAY about the Bridal Shower! I am so excited it is almost here. I can't believe I almost decided to not have one, now that it is less than two weeks away... I am thrilled to get all the most important ladies in my life together!

Since I've only even ever been to ONE bridal shower (when I was about 9) ... I'm not exactly sure what to expect. However, with the crowd that will be there... we know it will at least be entertaining! 

Amber has been working SO HARD on all of this; so I just wanted to give her a quick "Thank You" shout-out as well. I don't know what I would do without her. 

Ok. I will update this again SOON, I promise! 

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