I spent this past weekend visiting Alex in the Poconos. While there I decided it would be a really good idea to go look for wedding shoes! (Not a good idea.) There is a 100-store Outlet Mall near our East house... meaning about 25 stores (at least) that sell shoes.

"What's so hard?" you might say... well let me give you a little bit of background on my predicament. About a year or so ago I saw the wedding pictures, of someone I do not know, that deeply effected my idea of "Wedding Shoes." The bride was wearing baby-blue Chucks. I loved it! While I'm not a huge Chucks fan... I really liked that she was wearing something both comfortable and unique. Being that I enjoy my height most when my feet are flat on the floor and that I tend to tip over... even in the most mild heel... I though this idea would be perfect for me! So... instead of Chucks I thought I should wear Pumas... since I've been wearing them loyally since the 8th grade.

However, by the time I ordered my dress and went back to the Puma site to order my flats (they were silver with sequins,) they were no where to be found! I was hoping that I could find them at the Puma outlet... but no such luck.

So.... I wondered around the outlets searching for a nice pair of flats. But, no dice. Now I am STILL set on flats for the reception... but I don't have a pair.

I would like to wear heels for the ceremony, and I DID find a pair of teal ones from Nine West that I LOVED. However, I'm not going to be able to wear high-high heels, if heels at all, if I remain set on flats for the reception. Reason being, I would have to get my dress hemmed for the ceremony then would be dragging it all over the floor for the reception. :/

I have no idea what to do about these darn wedding shoes... and don't even get me started on footware for the bridesmaids!

Sheesh. Hopefully Alex looks good in a brown tux or that will be another problem!

Wish me luck! 
8/10/2011 03:22:00

Well... Andrew kinda has his heart set on me owning a pair of cream, purple, and teal peacock pumps so...


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