My local bridesmaid, Amber, and I went to check out dresses for her and my other bridesmaid Emily, the day I bought my dress. She tried a few one, decided which one she liked best and that was that for a while. We sent Emily try on the same dresses, Emily selected the same one as her favorite as Amber did. Thus, we were decided. Dresses were ordered to complete the seemingly painless process.

Problem: When Amber's dress came in it was horribly ugly. The fabric was shiny, and the dramatic refection of light from the dress made the color look... just... not the color it was meant to be. It was not at all what we had expected, being told that it would look just like the dress Amber tried on but "this color" (enter swatch of beautiful, non-shiny, mermaid fabric.) I immediately sent Emily a text telling her to hold off ordering her dress, to which she responded "I already did." Kudos to my bridesmaids for being so efficient in their dress-ordering... but I was afraid this was going to be a big issue. See, when you sign the receipt at David's Bridal, it says "all sales final." As in, no returns or exchanges. As in, you are stuck with this dress forever and ever.

Solution: I called David's Bridal the next day and explained everything that happened, very calmly and politely (as anyone in retail will tell you, is much more effective at producing a positive result.) The girl who answered put me on hold for the manager... when this happened my heart sank, I was dreading a complete shut down. (As anyone in retail will probably also tell you, it is pretty common to get the manager to tell people things they don't want to hear.) However, much to my surprise and pleasure, the manager agreed to exchange both dresses... even though Emily ordered her's from another store, she said we could correct the order in-transit!  Yay!

So, yesterday Amber and I went to try on Bridesmaid dresses.... once again. With the specific requirements of "NOT SHINY" (which is apparently the minority of their selection) we were able to narrow it down to three possible choices. Since we didn't have time to send Emily to the store again, and I am close enough to her body type, Amber and I both tried on the dresses.

After seeing them on, the decision was an easy one. The cut was actually very similar to the original dress, and, Guess what!? There are still pockets! (That was the major selling point of the first dress.... where would they keep their iPhones otherwise!?) This dress is also cotton, so it will be more comfortable and much more possible to wear again (which everyone claims their bridesmaid dresses will be, but hardly ever are.) In addition, I may have just found a dress for the rehearsal dinner from one of the runners-up. :)

So, now we just need to select the shoes and my bridesmaids will be good-to-go!

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