I ordered my Wedding Shoes from ModCloth.com and they are here! They are SUPER adorable and surprisingly comfortable! I know I said I wasn't going to wear heels, but they are only about 2-inches and have a rounded, closed toe (so no pinching or rubbing.)

I am probably still going to switch into flops at some point in the night, but I think I at least stand the chance of making it through dinner in these! All the reviews online said they are "all day" wearable, though I am sure many of those reviews are coming from people who are used to wearing heels.

Next shoe-related mission, bridesmaid footwear!

It is time for these blogs to be less long-winded and more interactive.

If you're married, what kind of shoes did you wear on your wedding day?
Did you change into something else during the reception?

If you're not, what kind of shoes do you see yourself in on your wedding day!?

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11/18/2011 01:29:59

I wore how-ish heels for my wedding and then changed into sparkly flip flops for the dancing part of the reception. We got matching flops for the whole bridal party and even got a picture of everyone showing some leg with the cinderella-esk flip flops :)


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